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  1. So i cant open any games because when i try to open them the everything stops working and i can do naything but restart the pc When i start my pc malwarebytes make automatic scan and then i quarantine the virus and that is how im able to open things(but not games for some reason). And when i delete the virus from the quarantine list the computer just crash (i mean i cant do anything and have to restart it). And when I delete it windows deffender tells me that the browser and app control is enabled. The one on the picture is id deavtivated and apps have control on my pc. And i think
  2. Okay i scaned my pc with the both programs. Here is the fixfileFixlog_27-12-2020 14.17.12.txt, but the other one (Sophos) didnt find any threats.
  3. The folder itself looks like this. I dont know how that can help but...
  4. Okay, I think they are full now. FRST_27-12-2020 02.17.27.txt Addition_27-12-2020 02.17.27.txt
  5. Hello Kevin, Here are the logs. Malwarebytes log.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. So I have been dealing with a virus that keeps coming back after I delete it. Does anyone know how to remove it permanently ? This is the virus
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