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  1. Thanks, I blocked the website and that has blocked the notifications so far.
  2. The same website which I closed is being blocked by MB every 20 minutes. I ran an MB scan, 0 threats and rebooted my computer. Still getting the website blocked notifications.
  3. So I don't need to scan for rootkits? I had my browser open during the scan. My whole system is running slowly.
  4. I turned off fast start up and rebooted. The manual threat scan took 41+ minutes.
  5. MB is doing it's daily scan, has been scanning for over an hour and still running. Should I cancel the scan and run the MB Support tool?
  6. I downloaded the tool and ran repair. My computer is up to speed and MB is running fine now.
  7. I'm new to Malwarebytes. It's been running okay the last few days but today my computer Win10 started running extremely slow. I shut MB down and my computer was back up to speed. Tried to start MB again and received a message "couldn't connect to the service". Is there anyway to fix the issue?
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