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  1. @1PWOk i will keep them for now. If something changes i will send them. The best we can do is await Advanced Setup's recovery and answers. Good day!
  2. @1PWSo why he would need these logs?. Im checking the logs and i dont really know if i want to share them, it looks kinda private. Im sorry, I'm being paranoid but I want to know
  3. Hello @1PWin one of my past posted topic i said that i unistalled malwarebytes because i only used it to do a system checkup. And i dont understand why he will need the logs, the results from the newer antivirus are in virustotal, i dont use such antivirus. Anyways if there exist a valid reason, i will do it
  4. @AdvancedSetup Please do not investigate my case if u are not feeling completely well. The best thing u can do is to take care of your health, as @1PW said (with this being said, i want to show something) Other antivirus started to detect the installer, anyways is other lesser known one. I repeat: you do not need to investigate this if you are not completely well. Anyways, We await your recovery. Greetings and good morning
  5. @AdvancedSetup Clarification: if I do not answer, it will be because I will be sleeping. I will answer any questions when I wake up. Good night / morning and thank you for being interested in my comments
  6. @AdvancedSetupit does not redirect me (it downloads the MBSetup.exe). But if i change the language to spanish it redirects me to https://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?part=dl-&lang=es
  7. @AdvancedSetupLet me explain: im argentinian, i always go to malwarebytes.com and i got redirected to es.malwarebytes.com (i think is because the website detects my location) so i click the download buttom and it sends me to download.cnet.com. I tested this with all the subdomains from languages and this only happens with portuguese (portugal), italian and spanish I used the cnet link to download malwarebytes. I uninstalled it because i only used it to check my system, should i worry about the trojan detection?
  8. @Porthos I now know that the installer was old but when I installed malwarebytes i used the download link from download.com since the page (spanish version) redirected me there, I don't think there should be problems knowing that the detections are false positives. But i still dont understand why the italian, spanish and portuguese version redirect people to an old installer. And is nice to see that the company is aware of the VT issues.
  9. With this being said I want to confirm that my intention is not to fight, it is simply to give you advice. I have put that message in virustotal to give a bit of clarity to the subject
  10. But i think the malwarebytes team can do something about https://www.virustotal.com/gui/monitor-overview?
  11. Ok. But not everyone does, for sure most of the people use it for the multiple antivirus's results. U didnt speak about the tag
  12. @Porthos Since then things like my case (being paranoid) and also cases like this person happen This person did not install the software due to the detections. With the use of the above tag this would not have happened or even this spanish person He says: "I downloaded it from the malwarebyte official website, why does it tell me that it has two Trojans?" And I suppose that like these people there are many who use virustotal. From what I understand it is not necessary to have a virustotal account to analyze a file and there are also many paranoid people who use it.
  13. I understand, but Is it necessary to make that distinction between country subdomains? It was not better that all the sub-domains when downloading redirected to a common place (Main domain or a third party website)? Also I saw a file from malwarebytes with this tag in virustotal, wouldn't it be better if all installers (like this one) have it? so people don't get a bad impression
  14. Nobody will believe me: but the name of the file had changed to malwarebytes- (and some numbers) but now it is called again "MBSetup.exe". But sadly i didnt take the screenshot
  15. I have seen that the website in English and other languages (like brazilian, German, french, Dutch, russian, japanese and Swedish) download the software (MBSetup.exe) from the same page (Malwarebytes.com) but some versions such as Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese (portugal) when clicking on the download button send you to a third party site called "download.cnet.com" to download the software (MBSetup-0009996.0009996-consumer.exe). Not even the version of the software installer is the same but well, I talked about this here https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/268465-two-installers.
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