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  1. ok i'll definitely try this when I can, but do you have a solution for the chrome issue, it says it is "managed by your organization" but that makes no sense as it is a personal use pc and it won't let me download any files from chrome saying "insufficient permissions" even after i reset the browser settings and uninstalled and reinstalled it. I might just opt for fresh install of windows 10 as a last resort.
  2. I actually saw your reply on another post with similar issue and tried to use FRST and waited for 15 but it wasn't responding, I booted the PC in safe mode and malwarebytes worked and i did a scan and deleted all detected malware files, but now the search bar on the specific User profile won't work and just loads forever and Windows settings won't responed at all.
  3. I found some ransomware encrypting my files (adding "ofml" after the original extension of the file like "game.exe.omfl") with a text file saying that i must pay 980$, besides other malware like ones that open chrome tabs constantly (google calendar specifically with some freeware) so i tried open malwarebytes but i can't use it, i can see it in the taskbar but it's not responding and i can't rename it either even thought i am the the main user with all the administrative permissions. can someone help please
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