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  1. Thank you for the help getting the ball roiling on this.
  2. Fair enough. I created a ticket in their support portal. Waiting to hear back from them now. Thank you.
  3. We purchased 174 keys through ingram back on 2/28/2014. If you need a copy of the invoice I can provide that.
  4. We purchased multiple "Malwarebytes anti-malware pro lifetime 1 - pc" and I am running into a situation where I am finding some keys blacklisted when I login and check the keys. How do I get this resolved.
  5. Still mis-classified. Do I need to close all of my browsers or reboot?
  6. We are running into a problem with www. righthandtech. com being classified as malicious. How do I go about finding out why it was classified as such and how do I de-classifying it as a malicious site?
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