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  1. I am glad I could help those of you who were experiencing the same problem as me! I also want to thank @mbam_mtbr for taking the time to make this issue more well known and thanks to @rosho01 for starting this post for others to come to!
  2. I searched "what is rouonixon" to see if it was a scam website and your post came up because of keywords lol.
  3. Hello! This happened to me this morning as well. I did a ton of googling to find a solution and it was a mix and match of things. I think I've found my problem, (not sure if it'll be different for you all), but I also don't know how often those websites will come back and redirect out of nowhere but it hasn't happened yet since this morning so I'll assume it worked. What I did was I went to my google history from my phone in the upper right corner, then at the top of History, you'll see myactivity.google .com which will show you in detail what happens on your phone. I went to where those redirect websites came up and at 1:10 am my time, my Barcode Scan APP was used while I was asleep. After the Barcode App was opened, the dorputolano and onixon showed up. Then my barcode app was used once again. All of this happened at 1:10 am when I was not on my phone. (This app has been removed from google playstore so this is probably where the scam/malware came from) I have since deleted the app and the redirect websites haven't showed up. So I guess my solution is for you all to check your myactivity.google. com and look for when these sites popped up and what happened before or after them and then delete that app or whatever it is.
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