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  1. I added exlusions based on recommendations online to avast and mbam, I can for nord as well think I will find them somewhere online.
  2. Two other things happened on the system since then from memory, I used cmd to try to bring the sidebar back on the desktop, glary utilities wanted to update to the latest version (haven't done that since I restored), and there may have been a win 10 update. The sidebar thing was the the last thing I done before it went awol, I restarted just after, do you think that you have caused it?
  3. It's still running FRST, it's been on for like 15 mins, when it finishes i'll post back 👍. If it doesn't finish in the next 15 mins, I'll try to collect it again.
  4. Hi, I restored windows 10 back to 1am this morning, and mbam works again with the service running and set to "automatic" (apparently I can't change it access is denied), and avast free's ui didn't load for a little while but then it finally did, the service works and is also set to "automatic" (can't change again). So the system seems to be working. Is uninstalling avast/mbam the only way to find out the cause? I was thinking changing one or the other to a delayed start but I can't. Thanks for replying.
  5. Hi all, would seriously appreciate some help with this! Recently after rebooting my pc, it says that my pc/device needs to be repaired because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors. \windows.old\WINDOWS/system32\DRIVERS\MbamElam.sys I have tried disabling the Elam thing from startup (f8), it gets on windows, but mbam can't start the service, trying it manually from services.msc says (from memory) error 507, something about being unable to validate it. Avast free's UI also doesn't load, but apparently the shields are on. Win Def is on, I remember putting
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