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  1. Hi, I scanned my PC after an update and Malwarebytes detected a file called 11DCF31E.msi located in C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER as Malware.Heuristic.1003 during a scan. I think it may be a false positive. According to file properties it's the ROCCAT Roys Keyboard Driver which makes sense as I am actually using a Roccat keyboard, although the file name seems to be spelled wrong (Ryos is the correct name of the keyboard and not Roys) but I guess that may very well be a typo. It's digitally signed by the manufacturer Roccat GmbH but the signature is invalid according to Windows (valid to Aug 22 2020). Another reason why I think it's a false positive is that it was only detected by version and after updating to it no longer detects it, same on VirusTotal which probably uses a recent version too. I wasn't really sure why an older version would detect it though, considering it updates definitions before scans as far as I understand? As described in the pinned post I've attached the log and the detected file in a zip archive. mbreport-12-21.txt detected_file_12-21.zip
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