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  1. hi the solution provided by anon00 should highlight what app is causimg the issue. pls id it, and post what app it is. thks.
  2. is the massive screen print on the blog with all those details you mention not enough? fair enough.....it doesnt come up in the google search, but its user error if they dont click on the article and read it.
  3. Hi @mbam_mtbr thks for the update. looking fwd to the blog 🍿🍿. mine was installed prob 18mths+ ago (android, play store). i couldnt find how you can find out when i installed the app on the phone, as its uninstalled (googled it also). pls can you let us know when the blog is published by bumping this thread? good work, everyone. thks. rosho.
  4. well then it looks like the issue is resolved, which is good. run malwarebytes and/or AV scans to check for other issues. theres plenty of info on how to do this on here. any other issues, search these forums.
  5. "So I guess my solution is for you all to check your myactivity.google. com and look for when these sites popped up and what happened before or after them and then delete that app or whatever it is". which bit dont you get?
  6. btw, when googling this issue a while back, it seems there are similar malware on other barscanner apps going back a few years - perhaps its to do with how these bar code apps are designed? and they are then infected en route to being downloaded - however this occurs, not sure.
  7. some of the adverts go to reputable companies (virgin media in this case, for me) - i wonder how these companies benefit from these nefarious practices w/o any consequences? bit like ads on torrent sites i guess, probably go through an agency/3rd party and absolve of all responsibility. and a Q for the mods @mbam_mtbr - how can this persons app get infected en route to being downloaded? would that not mean a bigger vulnerability in the pipeline/infra possibly impacting every app (with similar code weaknesses) which is downloaded? or is the guy talking BS?
  8. btw, how did you guys find this thread? did you search on the same urls i posted?
  9. agree TRSands, very weird that its sleeper malware......or potentially an update which wasnt authorised since? and how was it compromised, by the app owners? or that was hacked itself? how does it work, how do we secure our phones against this sort of intrusion......i understand redirection through js is common, but theres many other parts to this vulnerability. would be nice for moderators/admin from this site to acknowledge it.
  10. you little genius - well done!!!!!! same issue, i have had this app for ages. wtf. glad everyone else looks to be sorted also. thanks again!
  11. i have samsung s7 btw. this is really bad situation, factory reset doesnt work. why is this not reported? why doesnt anyone know what the issue is?
  12. Hi All First post. Hopefully not too many more. Getting redirects to numerous sites e.g. cometocleannow.com vbg.dorputolano.com rouonixon.com ....the redirect happens often when i click on chrome browser - a new page opens as per above and then notifications pop up for scanning software, virgin media (bit odd) etc. I have googled for resolving redirects and its fairly generic feedback. i have done: clear cache; disabled push notifications; disabled javascript. run malwarebytes run AV scan nothing is found, nor resolved. i am not even sure w
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