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  1. I while ago I politely asked why Malwarebytes doesn't buy an antivirus engine (from BitDefender or Avira) an deal once forever with the dilemma : is Malwarebytes an antivirus? No , is an antivirus replacement....... Would have been simple, easy elegant , and a lot of people would have bought only Malwarebytes. Even free antiviruses (360 for example) are using well known antivirus engines. But no........., Malwarebytes had to add shield after shield, name itself "antivirus replacement" and ending up conflicting , one way or another with each and every antivirus (except Defender
  2. What happened with "Malwarebytes was designed to be compatible with your antivirus"????
  3. What happened with "Malwarebytes was designed to be compatible with your antivirus"????
  4. Besides Malwarebytes company , nobody considers "Malwarebytes" an AV replacement. Indeed , the present version is way different then the one in the past , but is far, far away from being an antivirus replacement. In one of your posts you mentioned "Malwarebytes is not designed to function like normal AV scanners and uses a new kind of scan engine that relies mostly on heuristics detection techniques rather than traditional threat signatures." Heuristic detection techniques are not well developed yet , see the amount of FPs on this forum with the traditional answer " the detection wil
  5. I know that. Avira has anti exploit protection and I use BitDefender TrafficLight for web protection. Both these modules from MalwareBytes have a substantial impact on PC speed and also they are prone to create compatibility issues with another antivirus. The Anti-Ransomware beta is pure reactive (I tested with WannaCry and after having 3 files encrypted, the protection kicked in) and I have less chances of incompatibilities.
  6. Yes, I have the life time which I used it briefly ( when I noticed that there is a scheduled scan by default) Now I am using the Antiransomware BETA on conjunction with Avira.
  7. If is the "least protective function" , why , by default there is a scan scheduled?
  8. So, for someone who wants to run the Anti-Ransomware only it is better to install the free BETA version than to disable all other 3 shields from Malwarebytes...
  9. Thanks! Drivers are loaded during startup; if I disable the shields, do I need to reboot the PC or to restart Malwarebytes in order to have the drivers "unloaded" ?
  10. Hello, I have a lifetime license for Malwarebytes, but I want to use only the Anti-Ransomware shield with the rest disabled. Question: if the other 3 shields are disabled, the drivers and associated software behind them are still loaded in the PC? Am I better off installing the free (Beta) antiransomware , rather than the full Malwarebytes with 3 shields disabled? Thanks!
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