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  1. Ah my bad for jumping the gun. The scan shows 0 threats found but unfortunately there doesnt appear to be a log file. I know this is a different matter but their network program says that my network may be compromised. Not too sure what to make of it.
  2. Looks like I had something preventing windows defender from working properly. I've been suspecting this since when I would turn off malwarebytes, a notification would appear warning me that both my anti-virus and windows defender were deactivated. But when I would go to the windows defender page, it would say that it was indeed running. I've also ran this scan before and nothing was detected. This is spooky haha. Here is the log. msert.log
  3. Mbar found two infected registry keys mbar-log-2021-01-02 (12-42-24).txt
  4. My bad for the double post but I`ve just noticed that it`s possible to export the actual virus file summary. Here they are for both opening task manager while a game is running and trying to access the IP through firefox (dumb, I know.) GameTrojanExport.txt FirefoxTrojanExport.txt
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to begin by saying that this website is amazing. It has led me to find out why my PC performance is so poor in less than an hour when I have been troubleshooting it for months, so thank you. I've been having game performance issues for a few months now. I tried dozens upon dozens of troubleshooting methods without a solution in sight until I noticed something. When I was running a game and opened task manager, my CPU usage would instantly drop from 99% to 50-60%. This reminded me of something I read online about bitcoin miners hiding itself as you open task ma
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