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  1. It's not significant at all. It's a bit more what it should've been at best, but to still flagrantly call them "Suspicious gTLDs", without warranting proof and yet still cover all, or still nearly all, the previously mentioned gTLDs, and all the rest as well, it's still setting a precedent that's unacceptable in the security community as a whole, which is my entire point. Illegitimately blanket naming an entire huge list of gTLDs as 'suspicious' just literally marks them as all bad, even if they aren't, even if the majority aren't, and above all, when there is literally no proof of it in that,
  2. Wow.. Still calling them "suspicious top level domains", alone, is again, still part of the problem. There's NOTHING suspicious about gTLDs, period. Eric Renfro
  3. Are you serious? Just.... Those? I am never going to recommend this company's products to anyone ever. Fine tuning WHAT? You're blacklisting way too much and should literally drop your entire default blacklist entirely and go with a much saner approach, period! If you can't do that, you're company isn't worth the grain of salt it claims to secure. I'd literally at this point recommend taking this particular extension off the market, stop recommending it, and until you fix it.... Don't put it back! Eric Renfro
  4. While I appreciate the update. I think we'll all need a lot better detail than that vague update. This blatantly abusive tactic of block first, whitelist later, to hundreds of gTLDs, is not some simple matter, it's huge. Eric Renfro
  5. So, more TLDs have been found, including .cc.. Basically it seems all gTLDs that are not the .com, .net, .org, and 2-letter country code domains.
  6. Yep. When I first saw it, my jaw dropped. When I kept seeing it, I literally got angry. As a security professional, I was livid about it. I'd been highly recommended Malwarebytes Premium for a while, which I use on my MacBook Pro, my "business" computer for when Linux alone doesn't cut it... Or has interoperability issues that macOS just makes easier or capable. After seeing this, and yes, I know it's a secondary thing, but it's strongly pushed and recommended by the main Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware application itself as an extension of itself, but as an extension it should follow suit with g
  7. Well, that's a VERY long vacation..... Still no response on this concern, and still happening, too. I just have a hard time believeing how many entire TLD's are being just outright blocked for no reason. I saw *.chat as well, among others... Eric Renfro
  8. In further research, just from this forum alone, I'm seeing a confirming number of people with varying TLDs being covered by this egregious TLD blacklist. *.online, *.club, *.live Guys, this is really freaking ridiculous. What I'm also commonly seeing in response to some of these is, "malicious people tend to register these non-normal TLDs....", well, they register .org, .com, and .net too, And regular people do too in every cases. And what's worse about this is, most of the time, what I'm seeing are "MY website is blocked", not, "xyz website is blocked, it's a really useful site, pl
  9. Hello, developers. I am Eric Renfro, a member of many technical communities, primarily for Linux and macOS. I decided this year to check out Malwarebytes Premium instead of renewing the product I was originally going to do. The price was great, but after just 1 week of using it, more so specifically, the recommended Browser Guard extension that was pushed by it, I was incredibly thrown back by some unacceptable policies you at this company have chosen to do. What I am talking about is literal blanket blocking of entire Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as just the few I initially ran in
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