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  1. I just tested - now it seems to be working fine. The side has been loaded without any blocking message, now.
  2. Thank you for reopening this conversation. As we already communictad per Email, it was not just about Sparkasse-mitten-imSauerland, but also about Sparkasse Hagen-Herdecke: www.sparkasse-hagenherdecke.de It seems remarkable to me, that both banks are located in the same very small geographical district (Sauerland, NRW) In my Edge-browser https:// and the closed hollow lock Icoon is shown - and Kasparsky "sicherer browser" is also working fine - the certification seem so be allright as usual
  3. Or might it be, that Malewarebytes "Browser Guard" and Kasparsly "save mode" trouble each other?
  4. Is it a mistake of Malewarbytes? The Browser is Edge, where I just added Malwarebytes Browser Guard In Google Chrome the link works fine, also in the "save mode" of Kasparsky. I guess it MUST be a mistake of malwerebytes, because I found this information in my settings: Why else should Malewarebytes ask me for moving exactly this adress to my whitelist, if it was not blocked by Malewarebytes before ?!? Could you please check your blacklist ? Sparkasse-HagenHerdecke is also a Bank in Sauerland. And its got an Https:// adress, so at normal it shoul
  5. I´ve got exactly the same problem as https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/267233-fp-19514050176, after I updated Malwarebytes today. I had a telephone call with the bank, they know nothing about this stuff. it might be a phishing virus by itself ?
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