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  1. Hi and thanks but no, removing the shortcut icon does not change the behavior. I looked at and was thinking about changing the registry but in Malwarebytes case I don't want to make a mistake even though I saved the original. I suppose there is some point where I have to weigh product features vs the anti-virus already installed, f-secure, the time spent chasing a remedy vs living with it vs uninstalling and reinstalling in emergencies. A challenge is always nice though.
  2. Hi, I know this sounds trivial but it's somewhat important to me being that I am an individual with a spinal cord injury that was incurred 30+ years ago. Getting old and wearing out! My situation forces me to use a mouthstick to do my typing due to the fact I have no motor use below my collar bones so I rely heavily on keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut of clicking the desktop and a letter will highlight an icon beginning with that letter allowing me to strike enter to open the highlighted icon. When I close or go back to the desktop all I need to do is strike another letter to open the next desired item due to the highlight still on the previous icon. When Malwarebytes is installed and running it prioritizes itself so I have to reclick the desktop to start the "letter" process again. Like I said this sounds trivial but my desktop is full of icons and I am very limited in movement. Is there a possible workaround regarding my problem? Thanks!
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