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  1. What does this mean safe browsing threats removed 0 of 1 found. And how can I remove them
  2. Now thats not what I'm asking I want to know how to remove these viruses from my phone there is no option to remove them
  3. This is my scan results after malwarebytes popped up a warning telling me a site is malicious .what doe this mean and there is no option to remove them
  4. yes I have the same issue please help guys I'm begging
  5. Please help I be u guys. There is no uk phone number to call to ask how to remove these threats
  6. 55 views and no1 can help.wow Should I post this in a more busy part of the forum because I'm getting very stressed here waiting with no replys.what does this mean 0 of 1 threats removed found?what is the orange dot mean.please guys before I'm forced to factory reset my phone and lose all my data. I cant have all these viruses in my phone
  7. Should I post this in a more busy part of the forum because I'm getting very stressed here waiting with no replys.
  8. Any help please to remove these viruses. Are they even viruses.mallewrebytes is not clear as it say I have threats but it say my phone has ko threats at the same time as you cam see in the screen shots
  9. Is my beloved new note 9 infected and how do I remove these viruses or what ever they are?why wont malwarebytes remove them .this is driving me mad
  10. I've just download 6 other antivirus apps from the play store and it say my new note 9 Is clean.so why is malwarebytes saying my new phone is infected and why wont it let me remove these things.im shiting it right now sorry for my language
  11. When I click on them to try to remove them it does this but no option to remove . bukowski poems
  12. Why cant I edit all the typos and spelling mistakes?.anyway this forum wont let me edit my post. So please tell me how to remove this 0 of 1 threats.
  13. Please help I was browsing using opera o. My galaxy note 9and this popped up I dont know if this means my phone is infected So I downloaded the malwarebytes app and did a scan and this is what came up What is this and why can I remove this .is say 0 of 1 removed please help I'm freaking out
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