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  1. You copy and paste the bb forum links it gives you when you upload the pic hope that helps sorry man I would normally use imjur but it snot working for me for some reason
  2. Exile 360 I get what you mean now.the site I used to post the pics onto this forum.is called bb https://imgbb.com/ This is how I posted the pics imgur I could not get it to work
  3. I cant submit a report because there is no option to do it in my app.pleasw get the devs to let us know what 0 of 1 means
  4. So ilia I go back to the bad link in the YouTube video the malleware bites warring pop up comes up saying be careful dangerous site or something like that.and that's when the 0 of 1 shows up in the history .it shows up in real time when the pop up comes up
  5. I've removed the scanning history by swiping them all off the screen I noticed the 0 of 1 threats shows up in the history as soon as the warning pop up show up saying this site is dangerous please close the site So running the scan is not acually finding these 0 of 1 threats Is all. Very complicated and weird the devs need to explain what's going on or at least an expert from this forum
  6. I was going to down load a vpn but I never bothered to download it because malleware bites said the site is malicious please close the page so i did .then I did the malware bites scan and that's where I saw those weird reports saying 0 of 1 threats removed
  7. Also I download 15 different antivirus programs from the play store.and they all say my phone has no issues it's a pain in the ass
  8. I hope some experts come and help me with this soon.its so misleading the scan report .
  9. I wish I could edit my posts because I make typos.i was trying g to say I swiped away the scanning history and scanned again.say no malleware found
  10. I've just swiped all the scanning history away so it's all gone.amd then recanted and it says no malware found
  11. I'm totally gutted why wont malwarebytes remove these infections? I knew 0 of 1 had to mean my phone is full of viruses and malwarebytes dosent know how to remove them.i have no knowledge with computers or viruses I'm a complete noob.i dont even own a pc or computer
  12. F@@k this Exile360 says my device is infected because it say 0 of 1 threats removed
  13. Ok thanks cant wait for the devs team to get back to us because then I'll know for next time if this 0 of 1 happens again.can you guide them to this thread and get them to comment
  14. Ok so the scanning history means nothing ?ok that makes me feel better I was worried as it's a new phone and it would kill me to have to factory reset it
  15. Also I'm using the demo version so I dont have the option of sending to support or whatever it was you said sorry
  16. I just want to know how to remove these threats mate that's all .pretty simple ask really
  17. I'm gonna have to factory reset my phone and lose everything if someone will not tell me if I'm full of viruses or not.gutted
  18. Im on my knees begging for some help with malwarebytes scanner results and what they mean do I have virus?amwhats going on
  19. But I've waited 10 hours for a very very simple question I'm asking what does 0of 1 threats found mean
  20. What does this result mean threats removed 0 of 1 found? Do I have a viruses and why cant I remove these
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