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  1. Hi guys I've been getting a large pop up on my home screen randomly telling me to update opera mobile and now it's doing it on yahoo mail a massive banner saying update here. Here is a screen shot of the update pop up that looks like a virus malwarebytes says my phone is clean <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/j6JU6Fq" data-context="false" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/j6JU6Fq"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  2. So so happy I didn't have to factory reset the phone as I have no means of backing up the phone.maybe I should get a pc .but I would struggle using it lol
  3. Thank you aswell bro you 2 guys have been helping me cheers
  4. Want to say thanks to mbam _mbtr as he has told me all is fine and the devs need to fix the app so it says 0 of 0 He said I have no viruses or damage to my phone.sp now I can breath and relax.sorry for the frantic posting but I was worried as hell as 500 pounds for this phone is alot to me
  5. Ok thanks I found out how to unfollow
  6. Ps what is pup malleware .this ***** is all new to me before I sued this note 9 I was using Nokia 3310.and I dont have computer or anything technology based as I dknt understand it
  7. Thank you man.so my phone is not damaged then ?thank god I've been freaking out that why I was posting like crazy trying g to get response. Sorry for posting like a crazy man.but I was genuinely scared my new phone has been killed.
  8. This must be a very serious issue if the experts have no idea what no malware found means /safe browsing threats removed 0 of 1 found
  9. I keep getting notified of this thread yet I get no help
  10. I guess I'm the only people in in this entire forum using a phone then and that's why no1 knows anything about malwarebytes and phones?
  11. I dont understand why no1 here knows what 0 of 1 means .its madness
  12. I've just pm you with the ticket number and email bro I just want some one to tell me if my phone is damaged or not and what 0.of 1 means in basic layman's terms .if my phone infected. If so why is malleware bites not removing them.and how do I remove them?
  13. Hi guys I've just worked out how to submit a report I did it..but i didnt get a reply
  14. Ok just deleted malleware bites from my phone and I'm reinstalling it to see what that does I want to send report but I'm not sure how.
  15. So is anyone able to tell me if my new phone is damaged with virus .and if so why is malwarebytes not removing them. I'm scared as I'm poor and sewn though note 9 is old it's still expensive to me as I paid 500 for it.and I cant factory reset the phone as I dknt have a computer to back it up.and the samnung cloud thing dont work So once again please help its been neary 24 hours and I've had no help. This is a malwarebytes forum yet no1 seems to know what the report means 0 of 1
  16. I cant keep begging for help .but I'm worried Ps why is there no way to edit post.having to keep making a new post instead of editing the spelling mistakes is crazy bro
  17. If imgbb is dangerous I wont use it no more but malleware bites did not say it was dangerous
  18. Is imgbb and bad image hosting stite? I've just googled it and not really seeing anything bad.but saying that I'm useless with technology like browsers and only got taught how to post a pic on a forum today by my sister a Ps I'm sorry if I've done some thing wrong using imgbb site to post pics ?
  19. So stop saying I'm spamming bro its annoying me.why the hell would I do that ffs.i just want some help with what does 0 of a 1 mean
  20. Exited 360 I know what your stop saying I'm spamming mate I'm not .I dont even know what that even means .I just need some help for a bloody simple question
  21. And here is a screen shot of the link you copy and past to get the ouch into the forum
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