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  1. Omg the virus is back saying a new verion of opera is available please help
  2. Thanks buddy you been a great help so far.if I can go for 5 days without the update pop ups reappearing then I'm probably in the clear.then I'll back the phone up again .if the problem returns I'll come back to this thread Did the latest report i sent you look clean? Last question some anti malware apps on the play store give what I'm assuming are false positives saying a bunch of normal safe apps are trojan horses .but malwarebytes says they are clean.and malwarebytes is legit these random malware scanners on the play store are probably malicious anyway
  3. I dont think there legitimate asking as I've been using these 2 apps for years and never had that pop up.also the pop up is different every time.if it was legit it would not look totally different imo.o just think it's from website notifications and a scam.so when that update pop up show up if I had thought it was legit and clicked update it would have installed malware imo.but I knew the pop ups were bogus and i dont like to update my apps as i have them perfect
  4. This is what I did yesterday for opera and for Yahoo mail So far so good fingers crossed. What does the new report I just sent tell you?should I put the micro sd back in and send the report with it installed?I was not sure
  5. Because I'm using a really good old version of yahoo mail.i downloaded it from another source around 1 year ago it's been no issue and malwarebytes found no issues with the 2 apps,The same goes for opera I cant use the new version on the play store as its buggy and slow.so I downloaded the old version from a legit source over a year ago.and never had issues.if I had to guess what was causing the pop up I would say it maybe from a website notification that I may have accidentally accepted.as there pretty fiddly to click the no button.but since deleting all the data for opera and Yahoo its seem ok at the moment
  6. I deleted the opera beta and the opera mini. As there is no need for all of those to be on the phone.opera was on my micro sd card.i just removed the sd card and send you a new report without the sd card installed I'm assuming removing the microns card then sending the report was correct.last report I sent you before I had factory reset I left the card in the phone My ticket number is 3391105
  7. Also I deleted opera beta and mini and only have 1 opera now.like I said that report I sent you was before I had factory reset my phone . This is what I did before factory reset I backed the phone up to the laptop using the Samsung smart switch Then factory reset Then reinstalled the back up.and after around 8 hours the pop ups were back all the browser data was backed up so that is maybe why the issue came back after the factory reset .possibly the issues was hiding in the cookies idk So did a bit of reading and heard its possible the pop ups may be from website notifications and maybe I accidentally pressed accept instead of decline.those site notifications are very annoying So I then went to clear all the browser cashe, cookies and data in the acually opera browser. Then I went to the phone settings then to apps found opera then cleared the cashe and data there also. Then I did that for yahoo mail. So far I've not had the pop ups come back yet.i want to give it 5 days if still no pop up I'm probably got and then I can make a new back up to my laptop.
  8. That report I sent was before I factory reset the phone I need to send you a new report?
  9. Thin since I cleared the cashe and browsing data on the browser and in the app settings and did the same with yahoo mail.the pop up has not come back yet.but I bet it comes back tommrow .
  10. So my galaxy Note is getting important update pop ups on the home screen from opera and from yahoo mail.etc I backed up to Samsung cloud and to my laptop .factory reset restored and the pop ups are back malwarebytes says phone is clean Here are a few screen shots I didnt take a screen shot of the yahoo mail update pop up but it's pretty much the same as these opera ones
  11. https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/tech/1156376/fake-google-update-scam/ Is this what's happened to my phone? And how can j remove it and stop this update pop ups from happening
  12. This has been happening ever since I have been using yt1s.com in the mobile opera browser to convert YouTube vids to mp3 then download them to the phone .I dont know if that caused the pop ups .anyway guys I really hope you can get back to me and help me stop these important update pop ups
  13. Is this issue a virus? I've had it pop up saying update yahoo mail aswell.i have my phone set stop stop all updates and notifications.i dont understand why malwarebytes wont find the cause its driving me nuts
  14. I dont know what to do to remove this virus or malware I'm assuming that's what it is ?
  15. And another screen shot,Please guys I begging for help here malwarebytes says my phone is clean
  16. Please help i backed up my phone then factory reset the phone .and I'm still getting these pop ups
  17. I tried an apl called sequrity antivirus max cleaner and it said most of my apps were trojan horses for instance bx actions was flagged as trojan horse by max cleaner.so I deleted bx actions.then scanned again using Mazda cleaner then it said I had dangerous files so it clean them.but I think that app is a scam..why would malwarebytes not find any of these trojan horses?malwarebytes says its clean.anyway I sent report I'm preying you guys can find what's causing these install update pop ups onto my phone. My ticket number is 3388662
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