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  1. I'll try an go 5 days without opera its going to a really difficult to use the phone without all my bookmarks and speed dials But I'll be back to this thread in 5 days or before if the malware comes back telling me to update yahoo or another random app.thank you lastly should I send another report?
  2. I've deleted my precious opera lol. But not deleted yahoo as I really need it as I'm waiting for an email. Could you explain if the pop ups are real them why are they different every time and why are they on my home screen. And also why are they happening if I've got all notifications blocked and updates blocked? Sorry for all the questions
  3. Ps I know you guys say it's not a virus but you know what I mean.im not tech savvy at all
  4. I just prey you guys can stop this and remove it for me.as I love this phone and it's new I will be so grateful once we can get to the bottom of this weird virus mystery
  5. I've deleted every app that was on my phone since this virus came onto my phone. So every app I've downloaded in the last 3 months I've deleted.
  6. Because the pop ups are not just happening with opera it was happening with other apps full screen pip ups across my home screen even when the app is not even open.that link I posted says it causes pop ups that look like there coming from and app.then you click update via that pop up and you install a trojan.thast why I haven't clicked update from all these weird pop ups.amd lastly if it was legit up date they would not be a different pop up each time.with different layouts and fonts. And I also have all notifications and updates blocked It's a complete nightmare these andoid viruses are
  7. The link I send was the same issue I'm suffering update your apps pop up
  8. And lastly if the app is legit telling me to update why are the massive pop ups on my home screen?and why are the pop ups different each time.one time its white and another time its red and blue and white and a totally different shape and size.llus I have all notifications blocked I'm so confused
  9. https://www.pcrisk.com/removal-guides/20096-update-for-today-com-pop-up-scam-android This is the issue I have I think it's called update pop up malware?
  10. Yeah tried it dont like it .I'll use the build in Samsung browser for a couple days.what virus do you think is in my phone and why do you think its surviving a factory reset and malwarebytes cant find it?
  11. I've only got one opera on my phone and 1 yahoomail just remove opera ?how long for as it's the app I use most on my phone to be honest cheers
  12. So just uninstall opera how long for ?as it's the most used app on my phone
  13. So its throwing 2 styles of pop ups at me this red and white one and the plain white one. All notifications are blocked.in the browser setting and the phone setting.i have all apps on my phone set to not update. This is freaking me out guys how has this virus got into my phone and stayed after factory reset and why wont malwarebytes find it?
  14. Omg I just cleared the opera app data 1 sec again again and this time this popped up This is driving me mad
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