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  1. So I did scans with MalwareBytes and Adwcleaner with F-secure turned off. The scans didn't find anything (Adwcleaner told about preinstalled ASUS programs but I know those are legit since my PC is ASUS after all). Like I said earlier I'm unfortunately not comfortable with trying/installing the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool so I didn't try scanning with that. I did do a scan with HitmanPro tho and it didn't find anything either. I attached the scan logs to this message. Should these scans not finding anything either mean that it is a false positive by Windows Defender? (Also I hope you don't mind t
  2. I'll try doing the scans with Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner but I think I don't want to try "Farbar Recovery Scan Tool" even if it is safe since I haven't heard of it before (also I don't trust pages like these, sorry if this is making helping me more difficult). I'll post another reply after I'm done with the scans (I'm not home at the moment since I needed to go to work).
  3. My PC came with preinstalled Windows 10 and I've got this PC for 2 years. It is ASUS laptop (Republic of gamers). I would check the model but I'm not home yet...so ill update that later. Windows Defender keeps telling me about this PUA. I have been scanning my PC all over again and tried clearing out temporary files and such but still shows the PUA as active,I have F-secure installed and as my main AV but I did a full scan with WD too after getting a blue screen while browsing internet. I know the Recovery folder is not even visible by default...I know I can't access it even when it
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