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  1. My computer seems to be running just fine without any problems Maurice
  2. Hello Maurice As you have said in your reply, I am being offered Windows 10 version 2004 but unfortunately, it doesnt give me any option to download and install it. It just says "You will see this update on this page when it is avaible for use on your device" and also says "Get more information" under it and clicking on it takes me to this page https://docs.microsoft.com/tr-tr/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-2004. I guess I just need to keep on checking for updates every day for it which is not a problem for me. Thank you As always, have a great day
  3. Hello Maurice, I downloaded it and tried to run it but it tells me that "Windows KB4586863 update is already downloaded on this computer". I guess I downloaded it earlier this morning from the Windows Update Center on my PC. I hope this is not a problem. I am awaitng further instructions from you now As always, I wish you a great day
  4. Hello again Maurice, Ran a full scan with ESET and it also came up as clean, I guess this was a false report by me. Good to hear it s all clean anyway. At this point I guess you will be closing the topic unless there is another scan etc. you want me to do. If not, thank you for your help Maurice and I wish you a great day!
  5. Hello Maurice! Thanks for helping me out. I am not very sure if this is the log you asked from me but here it is. AdwCleaner didnt find anything other than 2 preinstalled software Have a great day! I will be off to sleep now AdwCleaner report.txt
  6. Edit: I got some weird search results in the bottom of the page when I tried searching something but refreshing page several times seemed to fix it..
  7. Oh hey one more thing, even though I renamed FRST to FRSTEnglish for english results, some stuff in logs may not be english but I can help to translate it guys!
  8. Hello my first time here and I was recommended to come to this place and get my PC checked by a friend and from what I have seen I need to post FRST and malwarebytes scan resulsts so here they are. Lately, I have been getting notificiations saying ''both eset and windows defender is turned off'' but in reality ESET is still working and also sometimes I just lose my internet connection suddenly but in both scenarios, resetting my PC our router fixes the problem. Also I ran hitmanpro on demand scan and it picked up FRST as trojan, i dont know if that was supposed to happen. Thank you FRST.txt
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