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  1. I dont need help updating my system, it was updated when I first got hacked. I need help removing a breach in what was my updated "secure" system and the damage to my system and privacy/security. maybe a malware removal forum isnt where I should seek help as it obviously isnt malware I am dealing with, but a hack which uses legit windows app modules and services/processes to circumvent even updated systems with premium security? one last thing, I followed your guidance exactly and did every thing you instructed me to , when you instructed me to. but you wanna bail out on me that is your choice
  2. also worth noting , when I go into WMIC from CMD and enter "loadorder , the first thing listed is EMS ? should Emergency Management Service be the first module loaded at startup? is that normal? also file virtualization and scsi miniport and PnP_TDI and what the heck is "NetDDEGroup" ? just currious when the last one nothing comes up from a google search, but then the results of my searches are being redirected as none of the results I ever get any more are newer then 2013, weird huh ? there aint many folks I wanna do bad stuff to , but this hacker clown sure is one of them !! Taylor
  3. ok but that does not answer nor speak to the question I asked which was, do you see the mention of windows 8 in the dds report? also of great concern is the 254 events in the event log that show "activity/transfer" in the windows remote management service which I have previously disabled in the registry with a D-Word value of 4 in the startup type. in some of these 254 events , some make mention of a remote destination pc as well as IIS and .NET references , both of which I previously "turned off" in "turn windows features on or off" from the uninstall programs/control panel option. look I ge
  4. windows 8 x64 NTFS Internet Explorer 11.239.18362.0 you dont see this info at the top of the mbar log 2020 12 07 ?????????
  5. here is the log from the fix, I would note that I had to reinstall FRST64.exe as the install I had at the beginning of this thread mystyeriously disappeared and when I ran it as admin the fist time(to run the fix) it notified me it did NOT update but did run the fix. several things had been changed on my laptop during work besides that yesterday or last night all prior to me running the fix. not sure what the result of the fix is as I am of to work and wanted to post the fix log before I let the pc/fix restart in case I cant get back on to post it. we will see this evening.......thanks , T
  6. Thank you, I will run the script as you have instructed. I am wondering though if you are seeing what I am seeing in the log file from my last reply, it said I have windows 8 , which I never had. this windows install is from a usb windows 10 home version I bought summer of 2019 at best buy , the box say WIN HOME FPP 10 P2 W106796. running the fix now.
  7. also I will be making no changes whatsoever to my laptop or os that you do not instruct me to do. thanx.
  8. thank you for your assistance & timely response , I did as you instructed and below is the log file produced. I run a remodeling/construction company I own & work long hours so my responses may be slow but it does not mean i am not interested in your help , I wont let more than one day pass with out responding as I know your time is valuable & 2 or 3 days with no response results in the thread being closed . thank you for your time & willingness to help. my name is Taylor. lets see what we can come up with my friend. mbar-log-2020-12-07 (22-19-43).txt
  9. Unable to reinstall Malwarebytes Premium(which I have had for several years) at this time, lucky I was able to get FRST64 to install and run. Have crashed and reinstalled windows 30 some times over the last year , logged into my router settings to change admin name and password and gone through its settings to secure it better, tried every damn thing and become an expert windows geek but not enough to rid myself of this curse. Even created new google acct & email and no longer associate my microsoft acct with every new drive wipe & reinstall, also have a new ssd but nothing has worked.
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