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  1. Thank you gonzo. Could you also look at my Google Blogger.com website and whitelist it. It is AustinBusinessLawyer.info. The .info domain seemed appropriate for getting information when I registered it 7 years ago.
  2. Porthos, thanks for the reply. I had no idea .biz domains were considered "non-standard". I know of course they are not as often used as .com. I've had this domain for 7 years. I chose the .biz variant because the .com variant was being held by some crappy person who tries to make money off of registering domain names, not using them, but offering to sell them to any person who wanted that name. Rather than pay the scammer I just went with the .biz variant. Fortunately for me Google organic search does NOT treat my .biz domain name as "non-standard" in its search results.
  3. I want to like Browser Guard, but why does it want to block my own website which is nothing but perfectly normal. Browser Guard wants to block my business website as either having a TLD problem of some undescribed nature or as having scammer content. Does Browser Guard think all businesses are scammers or just attorneys? /sarcasm Here is my website https://www.TexasBusinessLawyer.biz . Can you explain what TLD problem Browser Guard thinks there is with this website, and also can you please explain why Browser Guard thinks this website that does nothing but describe who I am and the se
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