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  1. Thank you. When we can expect it? Also, would be great if you can send us the details on what led you guys to block the site? Anything we can do from our end?
  2. My original post got posted incomplete. Our site https://www.peopleclaim.com is in the business since almost 12 years, secured using DigiCert SSL, already analyzed using Google WebMasters and Analytics etc. The site is hosted on a dedicated managed server with all the antivirus protection. But still we are getting the following error when browsed on Windows Chrome with MalwareBytes extension. Can you please let us know the issue and why it's showing such message? We have already taken all the precautions as suggested by Google Tools and SSL. Can you please clear it from the blocklist and
  3. Hello guys, May I know why our site https://www.peopleclaim.com is showing "Website blocked due to phishing"?
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