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  1. Hi Dashke, Are there additional remediation steps required? Do the domains listed above need to be whitelisted? The websites above are still being detected by Malwarebytes as being malicious. From the previous post, the website developer has removed the script in question. Thanks
  2. TeMerc and Dashke, Thank you for your quick responses. The websites in question belong to a local ISP and are used for Webmail. I will call the local ISP and inform them of your feedback. Dashke, I will forward the malicious script code you posted to the local ISP. Thanks again for your responses and have a great weekend!
  3. Possible False Positives (detected as Malicious Website) for the following websites: https://webmail.myactv.net/ https://sso.myactv.net/ https://myservices.myactv.net https://portal.myactv.net https://idp.myactv.net
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