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  1. So I had more pre-installed malware on my phone, like fota, launcher and stuff. Ads popping up periodically and some random apps getting installed from time to time. I rooted my phone and successfully removed almost all. The SystemUI is the only one left. The problem is that there's so few info on this model, that I can't find a good rom, where I can take a clean SystemUI folder. The only one on the internet is the one I already have (with malware): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TsdhVtOzPbTOEZa2sdpGZE5cNay2CiqL And you obviously can't delete it without breaking the phone. Had to restore from backup after that. I'm really stuck right now so what to do? Maybe you have the ability to edit the SystemUI.apk or SystemUI.odex and remove the virus part? Idk which of the 2 is clean, because interestingly enough Malwarebytes detects SystemUI.apk, while Dr. Web detects SystemUI.odex (see screens below). Why is that?
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