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  1. OK, well I have re-visited the machine, no change in what is happening unfortunately. However, using diagnostic tools, I managed to access the log file for MBAM - it was the only file in the log directory. Oh no - just tried to open the log file I had saved on a floppy to paste in here, but it says the file is corrupted and unreadable! I can't believe it, I was able to view the file on the damaged computer, managed to save it onto the floppy using diagnostic tools, but now it won't open on my computer! Bugger - the damaged computer is on the other side of town, I can't really afford to make another special trip. Any other suggestions for what I can do? I think the in-laws are going to take the computer to a repair guy, who hopefully can get XP up and running again... the one positive thing IMHO is that using the diagnostic tools I could access virtually all files on HD, so at least they don't appear to be lost...
  2. Obviously I am not on expert on these matters, but the fact that the problem occurred during the repair after the MBAM scan would also lead me automatically to assume that it is a problem caused by something the program did. I appreciate all the help offered so far, this is quite a stressful time for me, as I have never come across a problem this severe before (the computer is my in-laws, and as nice as they are about it, the fact I have left their computer in a much worse way than what I found it stresses me out massively!)
  3. Here's everything I copied down: STOP: C000021 A Fatal System Error Terminated unexpectedly with status of 0xC0000034 (0x0000... 0x0000...) (can't remember exactly how many 0's there were, but they were the only character in the bracketed strings). I would have thought it strange or unlikely for the RAM, which is not particularly old, not overclocked, not overused, etc, to crap out during a scan? Thanks.
  4. Yes, I have tried last known good with no difference. I will try and find any logs when I next get a chance to look at the computer. Thanks.
  5. I forgot to add... I stopped the boot system from restarting automatically when it wouldn't load, so I could see the error message, which was STOP: C000021 Fatal System Error, Terminated unexpectedly with status of...Elitekiller - in regards to repair install... firstly, does this risk losing any files/settings in XP? Also, as with all compaqs in NZ, there is no XP disc with the computer, instead there is a repair option built onto the HD, but it does warn that it will remove all programs added to the computer.
  6. Hi, Well, i've had a 5 hour session to no avail Have tried F8 last known good config, didn't work Can't get into safe mode Sorry nosirrah, but I don't really have the experience to be doing what you suggested. I made a boot CD with Microsoft Diagnostic tools, allowed me to get in to edit registry, removed a couple of the antivixp08 entries, made no difference. Unfortunately the system has no restore points, which is a pain, otherwise I could have restored it in Diagnostics. Tried a fix by renaming psiapi (or similar), but the "old" copy of file didn't exist on the computer. Ran chkdsk /r, fixed one or more errors, but still doesn't allow me to boot windows XP up. Any other suggestions please? Please note, this computer was running fairly normally and healthily, with the exception of a bit of spyware/malware/etc, before hand. The computer is owned by a middle aged couple who do little untoward on it, mainly just general internet browsing. It was only when the Malwarebytes program was run, trying to repair problems that it had found, that this catastrophic error occured. p.s. I really do not want to have to re-install OS, let alone reformat hard drive, as I cannot really afford to lose any files from the HD.
  7. I just found this topic which seems to be a similar problem - the main difference being, that before I downloaded and ran malwarebytes program, the computer was running quite happily, with the occassional pop-ups etc associated with antivirus XP 08 being the only (visible) problems. I can attempt to create a boot CD from the topic mentioned, but any additional info between now and 14 hours time will be a huge help.
  8. Hello, I have been trying to rid a computer of the AntiVirus XP 08 (antivirxp08) problem, and found out about Malwarebyte's software as being the best method of doing so. Yippee, or so I thought... I downloaded the program, ran the quickscan. It took about 40 minutes to complete, finding 26 problems. Ok, I thought. Just need to fix these problems. However, while these were being fixed / repaired , my computer switched off. Now, whenever I try and restart my machine, it gets up to the Windows XP "flag" on the black background, with the green progress bar at the bottom, and after about 20 seconds of this, it hangs, and then restarts from scratch again, never being able to get past this point. This is obviously disastrous, I cannot log into Windows at all on the computer. I don't know what on earth to do next, please can someone make some suggestions??? The computer is a Compaq desktop from a few years ago, running Windows XP. Sorry I do not have more details currently, tomorrow I need to pop back out to try and get the computer at least starting up again... Thanks for any help, appreciated massively!
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