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  1. Not tired anymore - still cant find a edit function. Anyway ... If another poor soul had the same problem as me last night and gets to this post via search: i got the information from cli that it was a false-positive. It seems to be resolved now. Thx for your quick response.
  2. I still get a detection scanning the old temp file tho. Ill send you a PM. Im still very much interested if its a false positive or if any damage could have been caused by this.
  3. Sry, too tired to find the edit function (if there is any). Forgot some things: The detection was no real time detection when the temp files were created. I did a thread scan just when those files were created. Bad timing, hm? Im also using Kaspersky Internet Security. But this shouldnt have to do smth with it. I repeated the process again. I got 2 temp files again. I did a threat scan = 0 detections. Using Windows 10 Home, 19042.630.
  4. Hi, Malwarebytes found a MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% detection on a temp file in my user/temp folder (C:\USERS\***\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\BIT9D34.TMP). When i start windows the autoupdate for Google Chrome and Edge Chromium start at the same time about 5 mins after starting Windows. At this time 2 temp files with similar names apper in the user/temp folder. I tested it several times and always got 1 detection. It seems to come from Google Chrome auto update. Because when i manually updated Chrome via Settings -> Help -> About Chrome other temp files appeared and th
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