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  1. Wow, a very nice answer very quickly -- impressive. Unfortunately neither of the two router layers this computer is behind has the capability to block incoming connections by remote IP, but definitely a reasonable suggestion. I do use RDP (very handy; sole reason to get Windows Professional over Home for me), so I don't want to close that port. I could change the port number, but that's only a temporary solution. Is there a way to configure Malwarebytes to not pop up notifications for this kind of protection? It looks like adding this (malicious) IP to my "Allow" list would achieve th
  2. I'm in the trial period of Malwarebytes Premium and I am constantly (~once a minute) getting popups in the corner of my screen telling me about an inbound RDP connection Malwarebytes has blocked. I think the wording is poor -- "Website blocked due to compromised" is both grammatically incorrect and there is no "website" that was blocked, just a remote client. But, the real issue is that I have a Windows firewall rule that I would expect to prevent Malwarebytes from ever seeing this connection attempt. I block everything from that remote IP address (see Firewall.PNG). Just for good measure,
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