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  1. Am I "de-virused", then? Thanks very much for your help. I'm not worried about outdated software, Maurice. I turn this machine off every night, and when I turn it on again, it seems like some program (if not Windows) always insists it absolutely has to update itself. Usually when I'm in a hurry. I use these programs infrequently, except for Firefox (one of the worst offenders, by the way) and they'll get updated probably the next time I use them. Very frankly, I'm surprised you'd mention in a public forum that SecurityCheck thinks my copy of MS Office is unlicensed; be aware it is i
  2. To be honest, Maurice, I'm afraid to try to open the old Word file that started this mess. If it's corrupt, it'll infect me again and I'll be right back where I started. I can open other, newer, files without problems. (So far!) SecurityCheck threw up a dialog box reading "This app can't run on your PC." I was able to find and download v1.4.0.53, which ran, apparently successfully. The log is attached. I see there is still something from Kaspersky hanging around. Deano253 SecurityCheck.txt
  3. Done, Maurice, first time with same result. Finished in seconds, no restart. So I hit it again; the second time took about ten minutes to run and asked for a restart when it was finished. Fixlog.txt is attached. My apologies for being so slow to get back to you; I've had some medical issues recently. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hello, Maurice, I have downloaded and run the Kaspersky removal tool. It was unable to find any product to remove, so I chose what appeared to be the best match from a list of possibilities. I have also run your fixlist script, and the log is attached. I hope it ran successfully, as it did not do a restart, and required no patience at all - the entire operation was completed in just a few seconds. The remnants of some old virtual machines are on my hard drive. I need to either reinstall VMWare, or get around to blowing those old files away. Thanks again, Deano253
  5. Good afternoon, Maurice, Thanks for helping me with this problem. The mbst-grab-results.zip file is attached. Malwarebytes was somehow set to notify but not download updates; the latest version and updates have been downloaded and installed, and it is now set to keep itself up to date. I used to use Kaspersky Total Security, however, as I recall, they issued an update that broke Malwarebytes and other stuff, and pretty much refused to fix it, forcing MWB to do so themselves. When it was pointed out that any future update could break something else, causing the problem all over a
  6. Last December, I got onto a dodgy website and this forum helped me clear up some kind of malware. (See thread "Infected with something".) Yesterday I was browsing through some old MS Word files and today, when I try to open Word and Excel files, I get the same dialog box - which reports the file can't be opened, and offers help, repair, or close. I now know that help and repair are bogus choices, so I just backed out of the dialog. I don't recall visiting any spurious websites; is it possible the previous infection left "dirty" files on my system, for me to find and open later? Tryi
  7. Everything seems fine, Kevin, thanks very much for your help. Deano253
  8. Hi, Kevin, I don't know what happened with fixlog from FRST. I ran it Tuesday and again Wednesday; the window stayed open on-screen for less than a minute and then closed. I ran it again later Wednesday and the third time was the charm. Log is attached. The adwcleaner log is also attached for continuity's sake; that program did find and delete a couple of things as per the second posting above. After running the above, I found that Sophos had apparently left some of itself behind while trying to install. I got rid of that using Windows Control Panel install/uninstall and then Sophos
  9. Hello, Kevin, Thanks for the prompt response. Here are fixlog.txt and the AdwCleaner log. Two situations. One, FWIW, my system did not reboot after I ran farbar with fixlist.txt. Second, the Sophos virus removal tool would not install. "Error 1606 Could not access network location data." Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  10. Hello, I stumbled onto an infected website on Nov 21 and according to my web history in Firefox, systemsupport.club tried, or did, something. My address bar in the Windows taskbar, although set to use Google, now returns search results from Bing. Also, over the last couple of days, I'm losing access to Office 365 apps. They report they've "run into an error that is preventing" (app) from working correctly" and will need to be closed as a result. Three dialog boxes are presented: repair now, help, or close. Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.1 reports no problems, nor does Windows Def
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