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  1. I can see during the day, but at this time of night? For now NY is my best option. And yes MB AV has a license problem with Privacy on when you start it.
  2. Continued to test. Speed in NY changes a lot. One time it will be over 700mbps and other times it will be 10-87mbps. But Miami is consistent. I get better speed going to Tokyo than Miami for download.
  3. Miami seems to have a big download problem. It's only 40 or so miles away from me. I just tried NY and got over 700mbps download. Seems like the farther away the better download speed I get. Miami still has the best upload speed, but download, it's the worse.
  4. OK, select Atlanta and got better results, sort of. 231mbps download 238mbps upload.
  5. I could click that to stop asking, but it makes the connection public.
  6. Testing... My speed reduction is back. 927mbps vs 5-10mbps download. The upload doesn't seem to have that problem (600-700mbps with Privacy on). I disabled all protections in MB AV and it seemed to get worse. Turned off MB AV and no change. There is a delay between once a connection is made and the display of the private ip address is shown (up to a minute). Except for MB AV, I haven't loaded any other software.
  7. While I wait, is there some way to keep the same "network name" when Privacy is enabled? I think I'm up to 27 now and I don't use it a lot. Also can you remember the type of network (home, work public) based on the current IP address. This system is a desktop and it's always a part of the work type of local network. I can see why you would ask if Privacy didn't already know the current broadband address. I know this prompt is coming from Microsoft, I was just hoping it didn't have to ask every time. OK, time to reboot. The first time I clicked the ON button, The blue ON lit and
  8. I will also say, I enabled TLS on system 1 and now Privacy also works (at least for now). I'm in the middle of a data transfer. I'll reboot in about 10 mins.
  9. Thanks for all your help. It's 2am and I got to get some sleep. I was trying to load MB AV from the Miami server, if that helps. It wasn't just the license. I get MBSetup.exe and ran it. I got the Installing box, it paused, and then a message; An error occurred while downloading. Please check your internet connection etc...
  10. Let me "play" with the first system. If your using TLS, I'll make sure it's loaded, and test again. That system should be upgraded to Win10 soon. Did you know you can't load MB AV with Privacy ON?
  11. Even more good news, before when I ran a speed test, I lost 90% of my giga speed. Now I lose only 10-15%. Question... When I ask What's my IP, I get back the connected server ip. However when I run a speed test, I get back my "true" ip address. Is that normal? Next test... I'm loading back FileZilla.
  12. Re-installed it, and No it didn't work. I rebooted and it worked. That happened to me before. This time the second try, worked. Yeah!
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