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  1. Hey @gonzo, we're still seeing our site blocked this morning. Is there anything we can do to unblock this? It's been a significant impact for us as our customers now think our site is insecure because it's been falsely tagged. I sent you a message with a site to test.
  2. Sorry, meant to tag you in my post, @gonzo.
  3. Unfortunately, the site is still being blocked. I will private message you a specific URL to confirm.
  4. Thanks for the follow up! I'll check on the "e" site. Our customers may be reporting incorrectly. I'll confirm specific URLs. For the other site, I'll check in a half hour.
  5. Hey @gonzo, I sent a private message with the information. Thanks!
  6. I have a website that is being blocked by BrowserGuard for a "trojan", but there's no current issue. Scans on the site come up clean. How can I get this site whitelisted?
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