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  1. LMAO ! How do you "accidentally" download AND then install Flash? OMG......
  2. Malwarebytes will no doubt communicate their response via their usual messaging methods. (enewsletter, bulletins and website resources) If there were something serious to worry about; they would have told their users with expediency and urgency. If you are following recommended Mac security protocols - you should not be concerned. If you are following recommended Mac security protocols AND running M-Bytes - your machine should be free of Silver Birdie (removed/quarantined) and you should not be concerned. I'd chill and move on. This is not a big deal ---really.
  3. Thank for the replies everyone. I had not heard a word about the M-bytes intrusions until I saw it in the news. I was not getting the e-mail newsletters either so, I have signed up. I'm running M-bytes for Home Premium and Privacy VPN on my MBA M1 and I am very pleased that I have a safety net. Even though the haters say that you don't need it on a Mac; it feels good to have it and the alledged "hit" on the system....well there is no discernible "hit" to the system in my daily use and experience. MBA M1 runs as smooth as ever and the battery life is still ridiculously long. Looking forw
  4. So, Malwarebytes announces several days ago, to the media, that they were hacked by Russia but, communicates NOTHING to end users? Great form guys! Whats is the deal? Have end-users been put at risk in any way? Is our personal info or systems info compromised in any way? Why should I still trust my systems to Malwarebytes?
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