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  1. Ok thank you, I will try and get a donation out to you soon as I am thankful for your volunteering and helping others however it may take a while as I don't have a paypal account as of now. You mentioned the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool earlier in the first comment, I was wondering if this would still be of importance and if I should use it, or if I am good to go now? Thank you!
  2. I have asked my friends and they just said to format it as there is no other way so sadly I have already done that before hearing back to you, what else is there left to do now, I would be thankful if you give me further instructions if any are needed.
  3. Hi Kevin, The process has been completed and windows has been reinstalled, Now I have realized that my HDD drive is not accessible and when I try to access it, it says file needs to be formatted. Also I have downloaded malwarebyte once again and there seems to be no threats, PUP's or PUM's detected. What would you recommend me to do now in this situation. Thanks in advance, Moritz.
  4. The C drive is the one containing Windows 10 and a few other programs while the H Drive is containig most of my games and bigger files
  5. I have restarted the process now but only clearing out the C drive (SSD) and not the H drive (HDD) because it wouldn't allow me to clear both andn the process is starting now again and is currently at 17%. Is there anything else I should do or can do since it will only be clearing the C drive (SSD).
  6. Thank you Kevin, I have run into another problem now as I am in the middle of resetting my pc and the percentage has been stuck at 10% for around 35 minutes and the HDD or SSD light (I am not sure for which the light is) is not blinking. Does this mean it is stuck and I have to restart it or does this process just take very long, because I am finding this to seem a little unusual.
  7. Hello, I have recently been alerted by windows security that there is a Trojan virus program on my pc and immediately downloaded malwarebyte to see if I can delete this file. I completed a scan and it singled out the trojan file and then prompted me to quarantine it which I did. I then went on to delete the file from the quarantine although I am not sure this was the right thing to do. Since then I have restarted and rescanned my PC countless times but have not gotten any reports of any new threats on my PC but am still really scared that there still might be some left. Therefor I decided I wo
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