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  1. SO, this appears to have worked. I attached the scan text, honestly, I can’t see anything on the list that hasn’t been on my computer for a long time, but apparently there was something. Unless the malware works sporadically. I discovered that the reason I was being blocked by the SPAM filter on the forum was because of my VPN (protonmail) somehow incompatible with your anti SPAM software. I have to say, I am amazed and more than impressed with the quality of service I have received. Malwarebytes is obviously far more than a simple utility. As a result, I will be upgrading to Premium
  2. I have attached the missing adware txt. I uninstalled bonjour, but I have to say I surrendered to this war horse years ago, I’m not sure why it keeps coming back I have a feeling it returns when I run the Epson network configuration. I ran the FRST64 program, (I actually ran it twice, you’ll find 2 logs). The first time the reboot went to windows boot screen and I just clicked continue. When the operation didn’t appear to have been successful, I ran it again thinking I should have gone into safe mode. But the second reboot didn’t stop at the boot screen. The second operation doesn’t appear
  3. Hello I have run the utilities as requested and attached the four txt files to this post. Both MWB and ADW scans are clean. In a possibly related matter, I am no longer able to create a post here ( I tried to re post this in the Windows forum before it was transferred there) , I am being blocked by a SPAM filter that detects SPAM in the wording of my post even when the post is blank. Not initially thinking that it could be related to this issue I clicked through to support and submitted a support request (ticket 3284500). When I was asked to run the support tool and submit the log I be
  4. Yes, I did realize and was just about to re post in the right forum when I began receiving responses here. I will post there, although I think the suggestions, I have received here would concern both platforms. As for IP address, VPN, internet server, I am currently standing behind two computers within 10 feet of each other, one cannot connect to any address with any combination of the word “pirate” and “bay”, (but can connect to any other torrent peer sharing site) and the other which can. The message I am receiving is “connection refused”. As for morality and ethics, though probably o
  5. Exile360 Thank you for your rapid response. I’ll try the premium version just to eliminate malware as a suspect. It makes since that this is local since I cannot find any other account of this online. I’ll re-examine settings, but I don’t have VPN, its not a work computer, no web filtering, and parent are dead. Thanks! Alvarnell Thanks for sharing. Personally I am a firm believer in peer sharing and support it whole heartedly, I have been sharing music, recorded from the radio and movies recorded from tv since the 1960’s. I am a creator, I am flattered when people
  6. I am certain there is something embedded in my computer preventing my connection to TPB, but Malwarebytes ( free) doesn't detect anything. Any address that I type into any browser that includes the words “pirate” and “bay”, I am sure this is not a browser settings issue since browser settings are synced on all computers. No antivirus, windows defender does not indicate any blocking events. DO I require a paid version of Malwarebytes to remove this or is there another product more suitable for this kind of malware? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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