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  1. I updated Malwarebytes for Android a couple of weeks ago, and since then there is no icon in the notification area. Is this be design? I've checked all the settings and don't see one for this. I really like seeing the icon there as then I know MWB is running. Is there an issue with my phone, or a way to get the icon back? I'm running Malwarebytes on an Asus Z01FD running Android 8.0.0, security patch level November 5, 2018. Mahalo, Harry Z
  2. OK. Let me know if you need any testing / gathering of logs done. Mahalo for your assistance! Harry Z
  3. Yes, it does work after adding the exclusion for C:\Program Files (x86)\Synology\Assistant\DSAssistant.exe Note to anyone else who might be reading this thread. Check the system tray and close any / all instances of Synology Assistant that might be there. (When you close the SA gui, it leaves an icon in the system tray). Right click on the icon and select 'Close Assistant'. Then set the exclusion in Malwarebytes, and try running SA again. I'm assuming there is some form of analysis and subsequent "whitelisting" that is used internally in MWB to determine if a program is safe to run. Will you be adding DSAssistant.exe to your list of approved programs? Mahalo, Harry Z
  4. Aloha. I have this exact same problem: Synology Assistant cannot find existing Synology NAS (model DS416) with Malwarebytes installed and running. Turned of "Web Protection" in MWB and then the Synology Assistant CAN find the NAS. This is repeatable. Also note that when the NAS is not detected, the drive is accessible via Windows Explorer (mapped drive) and also via the NAS' built-in administrative web interface. Malwarebytes running on Win 10 1803 No problem with collecting logs to help with analysis, just please provide a link to the procedure to do this. Mahalo, Harry Z
  5. Just upgraded to MWB on Android. I'm on the 30 day trial for the premium (premier?) version. I've noticed that there is no icon for MWB in the notification area. I've looked through the settings and don't see an option for this. Is this by design, or a problem? If this is by design, please consider adding an option for this as when I don't see the icon I think that MWB has crashed and I need to restart it. ASUS Z01FD Android 7.0 Security patch level May 1, 2017 Mahalo, Harry Z
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