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  1. AdvancedSet up Staff: WOW, looks like .... we .... brought this PC situation back to normal! YES. Thank you so much for your guidance and technical capability to resolve this pretty much nasty situation. I will run the patchmypc updater program. You have brought, "sunshine on a cloudy thanksgiving day in Minnesota!" Promise to keep my eye on the ball and will make sure i know who i am dealing with on the network when it comes to downloads! I consider this "situation" closed, whew! Regards, Softball
  2. Ok, I appreciate all of your skill / help in this ... situation. I have run the FRST64 and attached the "fixlog.txt" that was created. I hope this has worked. Thanks Fixlog.txt
  3. Attached are the requested files. thanks, softball Find Folder search 11-25-20.txt Search Ultraviewer 11-25-20.txt SearchReg Viewer 11-25-20.txt
  4. Additionally, I did not provide any credit card numbers to the 800 agent or have any financial or password data in plain text docs on my PC that they could have accessed.
  5. Hello. Thanks for responding. I appreciate the additional guidance on generating the pre-steps/files to diagnose my pc situation that I originally missed. The following, i hope, are all of the files requested. softball MB for Ultraview no threats 11-25-20.txt AdwCleaner[C00] Ultraviewer 11-25-20.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. On 11/24/20 I was trying to update a Garmin hand held GPS and selected the wrong "Garmin" site that ended up directing me to an on line agent that requested i call a 800 support. Once i was connected to a phone agent, she had me download MS Ultraviewer to "review" my problem! I gave her my ultaviewer ID / password and she was IN my HP (Envy model) Windows PC Then the 800# agent showed me a screen showing several PC drivers that were corrupted and wanted to sell me a 1, or 2 or 3 year maintenance agreement to correct all of my problems. This is the point that i had the SINKING fee
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