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  1. Hello Maurice, you may call me Hutzpah I have firefox and have added the malwarebytes now, currently have ABP (adblock plus), uBlock origin and now your version as well. ( added to edge aswell) Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is set to off - and has been always I have change firefox notification settings to "Block new requests asking to allow notifications" (edge aswell) Would you recomend setting up a new rule in my windows fire wall? Prehaps for port 80 or a specific IP? And if so, how would i do so correctly? Best regards Hutzpah
  2. I have been experiencing that malwarebytes often gives me notifications of blocking inbound connections to my pc. This makes me believe i may have an infected pc. I have malwarebytes premium and windows 10 standard firewall and security I have attached the farbar files, threat scan and 5 of the most reason notifications. I hope you have some advice. Best Regards Hutzpah FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat scan.txt Block 1.txt Block 2.txt Block 3.txt Block 4.txt Block 5.txt
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