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  1. It seems like the problem has been fixed. Chrome didn't open up automatically for 12+ hours now. I have found some remaining files on the computer, that were related (had similar names) to the infected .exe file that i ran originally, which caused this whole thing. So i manually deleted those. It was an empty folder and some .lnk files. (.LNK) I did a long full scan with ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus yesterday, it found malware, but i think those were unrelated to my problem, since they were older files. I also ran a full scan with Eset Online Scanner, it found some malware on my
  2. Also i just noticed, that i didn't left Firefox on session restore.
  3. Hello, i did these, and attached the report. I accidentally left Firefox on session restore.. before i ran AdwCleaner, but hopefully it didn't affect anything. So far it didn't open the browser automatically, but it can take a long time for that to happen, so i'll post again if it happens or later today. AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  4. I was foolish enough to click fast and allow my comp to get infected with something (opening an already suspicious .exe and allowing it to run after a warn from the Windows SmartScreen) That keeps opening Google Chrome at random. Sometimes it opens after half an hour passed, sometimes takes more. (not even my default browser btw) and tries to go to random sites, usually it's "iyfnzgb.com". The adblock is stopping the site from loading at least, except one site with fake surveys. I tried cleaning the PC with like 5 different adware and malware removers, but none of them seemed
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