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  1. I did a scan and Malwarebytes detected Renpy 7.4.2 as malware. It had prior detected Renpy 7.3.x as malware as well. Renpy is software to create visual novels so I don't believe it should have malware and I have used it to make games myself. I have attached the results and redacted some personal info. Please let me know if this is a false positive or if there has been a breach with Renpy's distribution. Thank you very much! malware.ai.1172113625-results.txt
  2. So is it a false positive or is it an actual thread? Just for clarification. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I did a scan and Malwarebytes Free 4.2.3 detected malware with the code Malware.AI.960368963 for my Unity Editor file: C:\PROGRAM FILES\UNITY\HUB\EDITOR\2019.4.12F1\EDITOR\DATA\PLAYBACKENGINES\ANDROIDPLAYER\SDK\BUILD-TOOLS\28.0.3\MIPSEL-LINUX-ANDROID-LD.EXE. Is this a false positive or real threat? I have attached the exported quarantine report. Please let me know if you need any other files. Thank you. I'm new to using the forum so let me know if I need to make changes. malware-ai-960368963.txt
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