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  1. Roger. It certainly caused me some pain and frustration. Thanks again Exile you’re an absolute champion.
  2. Thanks Exile, What is dumbfounding is what triggered all this given MB and Win Defender ran in parallel for several years prior and this problem never presented itself before last month. At the end of this journey I am not one to dwell on the trigger though given the problem is now seemingly solved and it was never optimal for me to be running both in parallel in the first place. I appreciate your unrelenting drive to assist in finding the problem. The level of help you proceed is rare these days and I thank you for the time you took to attack the problem.
  3. Hi Exile, Ok to be particular... in the context of proper methodical testing I’m probably being irresponsibly premature in posting this early (it’s only been 2hours and 10mins) but I wouldn’t post if I wasn’t convinced. I think we’ve finally won and the culprit, seemingly... Windows Defender. Although it’s sole purpose is to defend, understandably given the month long time frame of this troubleshooting process, I now hold a newly found contempt for it Windows Defender. Since we last spoke I did the following: - Reimaged the machine using a backup saved only a month pri
  4. Roger. All tasks performed and re-booting now ready to monitor. If this fails I think it’s advisable to wait for another Windows update to see if it’s remedied before going down the path of editing the registry to disabling Defender good and proper don’t you?
  5. As per PM, tried in reverse order. Disabling Defender had no effect though I didn't re-boot. Should I need to after toggling Defender off though? Now attempting drive uninstall instructions you sent.
  6. It did not, and Win 10 wouldn’t even display that as a process in Task Manager’s running process list for me to kill it. So I just forcibly removed it and have now left all drives unplugged.
  7. Thank you, phone charges if I and others reboot it twice before plugging it in to a charger. Yes... I’m hearing Android calling me as a potential new customer. As I went to remove the drives on my Dell just now, I saw MsMpEng.exe (Windows Defender) was locking up one of the drives while it was not being used. I’m adding exceptions to defender for all 5 drives now to see if that has an effect.
  8. Unfortunately the drives continue with their random spin ups. After 24hrs of this activity and associated monitoring, I’m going to unplug them all again. All I can think of is to keep them unplugged for an extended period of time and hope that either a future Windows, or potentially Malwarebytes release gets them back to behaving how they have been for the last few years which was lying dormant and spun down unless intentionally accessed by the user (myself). It just appears to be a bad tech month in terms of problems. iPhones including mine are sporadically not charging since the
  9. Is set the timer for three of the drives but sadly my two older WD drives RED SUN and WRETCH are not compatible with this software so my application of this setting to three out of the five drives doesn't allow for consistency in testing.
  10. As a side fix attempt am wow installing WD Drive utilities because one forum said WD drives completely ignore Windows 10 Power Options settings to power down drives after the amount of minutes you input. The fix they said was to download this program which allows you to set the time for WD drives to spin down (Worth a shot I guess) strangely i never needed this before though. WD Drive Utilities for Windows File Size: 15.7 MB Version: Release Date: 08/24/2020 | Release Notes
  11. Should I disable scanning for rootkits in Malwarebytes and see if that makes a difference? I can't think of anything else and am not sure where to go from here Exile...
  12. I'm convinced it's Malwarebytes. After a re-boot with Malwarebytes activated, the drives did not spin up for 40 mins becuase I started a stop watch (except for spinning up once when Windows started). I then wanted to see if I could get the problem to rear it's head, by performing daily tasks like locking my work station (as I do when I got to work). After ten minutes of it being locked (and still while locked) all 5 drives drives spun up for around two minutes. This was 50 mins after boot. Much different to the problem behaviour for the last few days but still unacceptable and myserious.
  13. Sorry Exile this is long... HI Exile. I disabled Malwarebytes as you suggested and rebooted. Unfortunately the problem persisted. It was then that I commenced troubleshooting the USB hub itself. Although convinced the cause of the problem is software related it’s just human nature to start questioning and testing everything when you can’t find the source of a problem. I tried flash drives with it and tested its power supply was working correctly, which it is. The hub appears perfectly fine. I then accessed all of the five the drive’s contents to look for anything unusual.
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