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  1. Hi Nathan Yes, a apk file which is one "Arc The Lad R" of our apps have sent to you by private message. Please help to check Thanks, Gao Hai jun
  2. Hi Malwarebytes, Our app is marked by malwarebytes as containing the malware PUP.Riskware.SMSreg.b. However, our app was verified as Safe by other Antivirus apps Bitdefender: My #1 free antivirus for Android in 2020. [verified as Safe] Avira: On-demand malware and virus scanning with a special focus on privacy protection.[verified as Safe] ESET: Virus scans, GPS location feature, and anti-phishing protection.[verified as Safe] McAfee: Excellent anti-theft features.[verified as Safe] Thus, we'd like to know the exact definition of "PUP.Riskware.SMSreg.b". Does it mean the short message registration or verification behavior? Thus, we could fix it ASAP. And, please remove us from the database if it is false alarm. That does hurt our reputation. Thank you!
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