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  1. The problem a few of us had was actually caused by Malwarebytes Anti-malware (if you have it). I'm not sure if there has been a release since the Beta that fixed mine, but it doesn't hurt to check. Check this thread and see if it works for you. If not, you have a different issue.
  2. I am no expert but I just had this problem and I can tell you what finally fixed it for me. If this doesn't work, then the experts here can continue on. Open your Malwarebytes Anti-Mlalware, click on the settings (little gear). From the General tab, scroll down to where it says Beta Updates, and turn it on. Then scroll back up to Application Updates and click on Check for Updates. If it finds one, run it then see if Privacy works.
  3. Thanks for the help, did all the lights before Thanksgiving.
  4. I am now on the update from below. Privacy does work with Premium fully enabled.
  5. I found out what triggered it. Privacy was on. When I turned it off, the message went through fine. Apparently the system doesn't like you using Privacy.
  6. I can confirm that turning off Malwarebytes Premium Web Protection does allow Privacy to work. I tried to reply back via PM, but I keep getting a pop-up from the system. Don't know why. Here was my response that triggered it.
  7. I noticed you ask everyone for these logs, but you do not tell anyone how much personal and private information might be stored in them. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc are all listed. While you may not have access to the data in the documents, there could be personal/private information that is in the name (banks, IRA/401k, credit cards, etc). You might consider telling people that. That being said, I have included a redacted version of the files.
  8. I was curious as to what the FARBAR tool did. I think that it is a bit more intrusive to what I would want to share with just anybody.
  9. Forgot to disable ESET on the previous log. Here is another with ESET disabled. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. WinRAR was able to open the file and I was able to run it from there. It is odd that the Support Tool worked fine until I uninstalled Premium and Privacy, then it wouldn't run natively. Log is attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. After removing Bonjour, Malwarebytes Premium and Privacy, then restarting, the Support Tool will not run. It starts to run, then I get a pop-up.
  12. I had already attached a new set of logs to my support ticket. Here is a set for here. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. Just tried the new update It seemed to install fine, got the pop-up asking if I wanted to install it. Said yes, and I did not get the red Windows pop-up this time. I rebooted after the install, but I still get the "Cannot Connect" pop-up from Privacy.
  14. I have an open support ticket: Malwarebytes Support Ticket 3278178 Malwarebytes Support Tool has been run and the logs have been submitted.
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