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  1. According to Microsoft Defender, everything is fine on my system, and I think everything will be okay for now on. I don't know how that trojan got into my system when I was running ESET, but luckily Windows Defender reactivated itself and quarantined it. I will delete Google folder immediately. The original problem with Windows Defender was probably a bug in Windows 10 which seems to be fixed now, as I don't get that weird notification anymore. So even that issue seems to be cleared now.
  2. Is this good thing or not? At the moment I don't have a need to reinstall Chrome unless you think it is needed to accomplish something. I have heard that Mozilla is much safer and better browser than Chrome.
  3. Yes the Google folder is still there. It contains Crash Reports and Software Reporter Tool folders inside it
  4. Hello Kevin, I decided to uninstall Malwarebytes yesterday. When I did that I found out something very interesting which might interest you. Before I started to run the ESET Online Scanner, I disabled the active protection from Malwarebytes, and during the ESET Online Scan I had no active protection in my PC. It seems like when ESET Online Scanner was running, Microsoft Defender did reactivate by itself and quarantined a trojan from my PC. I will paste the log below to this reply now: Microsoft Defenderin virustentorjunta on havainnut haittaohjelman tai muun mahdollisesti ei-t
  5. Hi Kevin I think this case might be resolved by now, and it seems like I have been overreacting a little bit. I only have few questions left. Question 1: Can these sporadic blocks with inbound connection type occur to anyone, and it doesn't necessarily mean that there is something wrong in my PC? If I understood right, these sporadic blocks are quite random and that's why the sniffers eventually go away. Question 2: Because Malwarebytes has blocked everything and every scan I have used now finds zero infections, does that mean that I am safe and can use my PC for example to use
  6. Hello Kevin I want to thank you again for your great effort in helping with my issue. So now that we have cleared the Chrome and Steam issues, the only thing left is those pesky attacks targeted towards my system files using ports 445 and 135, which occur sporadically. If I remember correctly, there isn't much to do to about them because their connection type were inbound, and only options were to just wait until they stop appearing after some time and block those ports and malicious IP-addresses. If I don't remember this correctly, please correct what the next steps are. I will con
  7. The only outbound blocks which happened from Chrome were caused by me and the local clothing brand's website, so to me it looks like Chrome has no issues. It is always better to be safe than sorry though. About the Steam issue, did you look up the thread I linked earlier to this topic? I suspect I have similar case with that one, because like in that topic the blocks only appear when I open the community server browser in game. I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. I searched the IP-addresses myself too and one IP-address was linked to bulgarian community server in Counter Strike: Global o
  8. The scan is now completed, no threats were found. I attached the log from the scan to this reply eset scan log.txt
  9. I started the scan now but the software didn't have at all that kind of prompts provided in this reply. For example there were no advanced setting anywhere, and the .exe file was esetonlinescanner.exe, not esetonlinescanner_enu.exe. -Landets
  10. The file I get from this site is esetonlinescanner.exe, not esetonlinescanner_enu.exe. Is this okay or am I missing something?
  11. Hi Kevin, I will run the ESET scanner now. Last night while I was doing my studies, I got another inbound block, similar to the ones I had before. I will attach the log about it in this reply log 18.txt
  12. Hi Kevin Any idea how to fix this issue? Removing everything from htmlcache-folder didn't work. -Landets
  13. So it looks like to me that the Chrome and Steam issues are unrelated to the original problem I had, and they were most likely false-positives.
  14. I did a Google search with term "malwarebytes csgo trojan" and it found many results. Seems like Malwarebytes is protecting me from community servers which are malicious.
  15. I launched Counter Strike: Global Offensive yet again. To me it seems that launching the game, opening the community server browser or pressing the refresh list button triggers the block/attack. I post my latest log yet again in case it is needed. log 17.txt
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