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  1. Thanks again Porthos. I am not a person who knows a lot about computers. I am not sure how to word my question either. Am I ballpark to say that your last statement is saying that the Malwarebytes will only check out the listed files when they are being used, not when they are stored? Or the paid program is required to catch it with these file names? My concern is that a friend found a AI Virus with your paid program with a .fb ending in a program he got from a thumbdrive. I bought the same program maybe a few months before he did, but Malwarebytes has not picked it up with the
  2. OK Thanks Porthos. Does the free version pick up AI Viruses ? If so would it pick up something in a program that is not active?
  3. Is the difference between the free one and the paid that the free helps you post infection and the paid is pre-damage
  4. If I buy the Mac personal version of MWB can I also use it on my Windows machine?
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