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  1. Thank you so much for your help, I'll continue with the steps you've given me. How can I delete my attached.txt files from this forum? I'd like them to not be public.
  2. Hello! I installed Avast just for a quick scan and then uninstalled it, nothing unusual I'd guess. Any reason to re-install Malwarebytes? I've enabled System Restoration for both storage units now, thanks! As for that Nvidia/Steam error, I think it was due to a game I installed. It's functional though. Was there any sign of Malware in the logs at all?
  3. To add, I've also decided just outright close port 445, since all inbound connections seem to target it.
  4. Haha, that was a typo, I meant scans not scams! Here are the files you requested:
  5. Hi! I would very much like to get help with some scams. If that doesn't help and the problem persists, I'll probably just reset my router/IP
  6. Hello! I've been recently getting inbound connections blocked by Malwarebytes from strange IPs. I have run a complete scan with rootkit scan enabled and can't seem to find anything. What are these? I've attached 2 logs below.
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