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  1. Can mark this topic as solved thanks again for the prompt reply
  2. I have had to uninstall VPN Privacy as it seems quite intrusive with how it affects my network. I can turn it off no problems but seems that it still runs some of it in the background making it impossible to get internet connection from my home wireless network as my computer keeps thinking the network is still running via mbvpn. This is unacceptable especially when i paid for this and cant use it without it changing all my network settings.=
  3. Not trying to hijack this thread but seems its not an isolated issue I also have had the same thing pop up refer to my thread here
  4. this popped up for me after i used winrar to unrar a log file from my own server so not sure how it is a trojan. I did find that this has been an issue for winrar at least since 2013 when i found this post https://support.pandasecurity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5977
  5. I forgot to add the logs i got from the Malwarebytes Support Tool they are attached below mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Malwarebytes was doing its routine nightly scan and came up with a trojan downloader for something do with winrar I was just wondering if it is something i need to worry about scan result attached https://gyazo.com/f757077430fe1a4f1c1478afa7204b86 scan report.txt
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