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  1. Here are my logs from right after a crash. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. I tried posting the steps the other day but it was flagged as spam and I couldn't post. I have just received notification I can post again. This time I will attach a text file with the steps as I don't want to lose the ability to post again. post.txt Steps.txt
  3. Yeah, unfortunately this happened to me again yesterday. For now I've added the blender.exe to the allowed in MWB list until it's solved.
  4. oats, it started happening for me after the latest Malwarebytes update. I had installed an addon the week before with no issues. Hard Ops was updated recently so I was installing it after the Malwarebytes update. Glad Prthos was able to fix the issue for me. Hopefully it fixes your issue too.
  5. Porthos, Thanks for all your help. I've rebooted and re-installed and it now appears to be finally fixed. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks. I'll try this in a little while as I can't re-start right now. Temporarily, I added blender.exe to the allow list. Should I remove it before using the support tool?
  7. I'm back to this again as I'm still having the issue. This time was worse as I was forced to reboot. I'm trying to work here. The issue isn't strictly blender but when I try to use an AddOn (plugin) called Hard Ops. I installed the latest version a week ago and whenever I try to use any of the tools, Blender crashes and I get the ransomware warning from Malwarebytes. It's a legit, paid for plugin, download from the official source and I don't see others having the same issue.
  8. Thanks for the help. I don't see this option in the latest version. 4.2.3.
  9. I have the exact same issue. I'm all up to date. Blender crashes and there's a warning about Ransomware. Both the Blender executable and the taskbar .lnk are quarantined.
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