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  1. Hi again, Thanks for your time. I already uninstalled the software but I know I DID manually turn on the "Block penetration testing attacks" option in settings. I don't know if it caused the problem but if it did, there needs to be more information about this option in settings because there is no info there and I think everyone wants protection from attacks, no matter what kind of. And Malwarebytes considering Microsoft Office to be doing an attack is crazy - if that is the case. The software was supposed to have an AI but it seems completely stupid if it blocks this. I will not b
  2. Thank you for the answer but I am using the latest version, I installed the program yesterday. Word just closed and disappeared and I cannot locate my original file, this never happened before, in case of crashes the file is usually in temp folder but not now. It is also not in Malwarebytes quarantine (probably because a process was stopped, not any file).
  3. Hi, I have found a few topics related to Malwarebytes causing issues with Microsoft Word but I would like to ask where can I find the file that I tried to save when Word 2019 crashed because Malwarebytes blocked it during the save process. It happened as follows: I wrote the document, clicked Close Word so the save window popped up, I did not like the default location so I clicked Other Options and in that moment Malwarebytes took action and Word crashed. I am unable to find the document now and desperately need it as soon as possible. It will not be simple to re-create it now
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