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  1. For clarification, this is the home application for android runtime, correct? And if so, you can remove this mods.
  2. Hi, i'm not well antiquated with this app. I tried looking it up and saw no direct results. Any idea what it is? And since it's unable to be disabled/uninstalled, how would I go about disabling/uninstalling it if potentially nefarious. Cheers! ~
  3. Does deleting all partitions not un-format a harddrive either way? The toolkit was messed up resolution wise as well so it doesn't seem like that's the issue, not that I think of
  4. Looking at it, i'm not sure wht I did wrong. I removed all partitians as shown, allowed windows to create its own by clicking next, but after windows setup launched by moving the drive forward, the screen is pushed together.
  5. Hi, I moved the flashdrive to the first boot option, went through the windows media tool process. In the end, the windows 10 setup screen was messed up. It was collapsed in itself, as if the resolution of the screen was crunched together.
  6. Is this not Windows Media Creation Tool's screen? Is there also a guide on moving it? Again i'm manually clicking the usb in the boot list, i'm using an MSI motherboard. This was newly made not too long ago so i'm hoping to rule out any software before moving on to hardware. I also tried using the USB flashdrive option that didn't use partition 1 and instead of the graphics glitch you see there, there was this black screen with a white line on the top left, is this normal?
  7. Hi, i've already reset my PC and chosen the 'remove everything' option. I've actually done it about 5 different times and logged into multiple microsoft accounts. But the issue still persists as tedious as it sounds. This is why i'm trying to do a clean install.
  8. What i'm doing is manually selecting it in that list you're seeing through BIOS. As in i'm clicking on the the USB in the list. The windows installation screen appeared after this graphical glitch, so am I mistaken and it's still loading from the hard drive? The original windows OS works, it has flickering issues and troubleshooting (Dism commands, graphics drivers rollback/update, corrupt troubleshooting, etc.) Hasn't alleviated the issue, so i'm reinstalling.
  9. No. It's a USB stick, a flash drive. I'm selecting the USB stick, why does it matter if windows boot is listed first?
  10. Hi, i've been using the USB Flash Disk 1100, Partition 1. Is this not the Flash drive? Please point me to the correct place, thanks!
  11. As the title reads, i've installed Windows Media Creation Tools in order to erase my drives, I did so after running numerous virus removal tools that were recommended. I did so on the same PC because i'm struggling to find someone that has a clean device I can make a bootable device on. But, when trying to boot into the media creation tools after setting it up, this happened. It's what I can only describe as upside down hearts. For context, my mouse had been moving on its own, flickering, among other things. I can only assume someone aggressively hijacked it and I know exactly why (Personal reasons). Would this truly be the works of someone, or is this a known issue outside of such?
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